Rarity Immortal
Amount 3 interceptors
Plating 60 (+4/Level, max 410)
Damage 4 (+0.4/Level, max 44)
Speed 125 (+0/Level, max 125)
Rate of Fire 0.33 shots/second

The Immortal Valkyrie Interceptor has very long range, and can be seen as an upgrade to the Sniper. Though it is incapable of protecting its host ship, it is generally the last unit to die and can become a significant threat if it is given enough damage bonuses (for example, via Titan escorts). The Valkyrie fills a role different from most other interceptors and is weak without proper support, since it doesn't tank and has low base damage. However, if it is given enough damage boosts, it can become a deadly and extremely safe source of damage.