Rarity Immortal
Plating 550 (+22/Level, max 2750)
Dps 16 (+2.8/Level, max 298)
Speed 80 (+0/Level, max 80)
Rate of Fire 1 shots/second
Active Launches 18 interceptors with 25% plating (+0.25%/Level, max 50%)
Passive Squadron's interceptors' damage increased by 50% (+0.5%/Level, max 100%)

The Titan is an immortal ship known for its extremely powerful escort passive. It is essentially a glass cannon whose purpose is to deploy dozens of interceptors, but also the lowest plating of the four immortal ships. It is also the only ship in the game with 5 weaponry slots. Due to its passive, the Titan should only be used as an escort at the present time, since it is one of the strongest ship passives available.

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