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Rare crew are the first crew available to players while starting the game and they can hold up to 5 ships and 4 total crew when used as captains. They have a max level of 60

portraits of rare crew:


Rare Crew can have the following:

passive abilities: Edit

Ability Name Description base value per lvl Total
Missile fuel Host's weapon range increased by xx 22.5 0.38 45.3
Generator cooling fans Fleet movement speed increased by xx 15 0.35 36
Perfect aim Fleet critical chance increased by xx 1% 0.10% 7%
Extra plating Host plating plating increased by xx 10% 0.65% 49%
Thick plating Fleet plating increased by xx 2.5% 0.15% 12%
Rain of fire Fleet hosts damage increased by xx 10% 0.40% 34%

Active abilities Edit

Ability name Description Base value per lvl Total
Sabotage engines Reduces the enemy fleet movement speed by 50% for xx s 3 0.05 6
Light restore Restores fleet plating by xx over 4s 10% 0.25% 25%
Fleet shielding Fleet takes xx less damage for 3 s 29.5% 0.51% 60.10%
Weapons overload Fleet damage increased by xx  for 4s 5% 0.55% 38%
Gamma missiles Fires a missile of energy dealing xx damage to all enemies 2.5 0.75 47.5