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The Platinum Wheel is a mechanic in the game allowing for extra rewards outside of missions. The wheel can be spun using 1 Platinum Token or 100 Credits.

The wheel is a mimic of the Big Six wheel[1], otherwise known as the "wheel of fortune". It involves a grid of 16 items and a central spin button. A pointer will rotate until it arrives at a randomly picked position, giving the respective item to the player. The different positions are not under the influence of equal odds; some items are easier to get than others.[2][3]

Layout Edit

Immortal XP x1Legendary Ship x1Credits x1000Cold Matter x100Immortal Ship x1Immortalis x250Epic Badge x1Epic Ship x1Immortal Badge x1Legendary Interceptors x1Prime Matter x200Legendary Badge x1Epic Interceptors x1Immortal Interceptors x1Platinum Token x1Omega Matter x200Rift WheelRift WheelIn-game screenshot of the Platinum Wheel

In-game screenshot of the Platinum Wheel. This is an imagemap; hover over the items to get a tooltip of the contents, click an item to go to the wiki page.

References Edit

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