Hello readers, as you know more as we move forward in a more difficult game it becomes. But I come to help you to avoid possible error in the beginning of the game. And help you to save resources for the latest game ships. 

Step 1Edit


Click on Battle.

In Planet Raid click on Attack!

Step 2Edit

  You will have a fight of this kind, only an enemy ship and its defenders. Remain up so this should give two hundred thousand points in your fleet.

Step 3 Edit


When the battle end, collect your rewards and click on "Do not Extract" to continue doing Planet Raid.

I recomend to dont lose time in take resources, when you take some like 200-300 spins coins surely 200 ill be resources "i think soo".

Step 4Edit

Be faster and u ill well rewarded.

If you are fast and continuous, shalt be well rewarded by coins of the wheel, most xp possible in ships and new ships, when I learned this method of passing the level fast and be subsidized with it, I came to two hundred fifty thousand points in 18h game. 

Patience is the greatest virtue of the redshift, good luck to all.

Points at this method


- You ill be lvl up fast and drops more easy ships, because you are doind more battles.


- You ill lose all matters drops "crystals", but you ill recover that in wheel.