V3.8 Release Notes 29-MAR-2016 Edit

3.8B Edit

Changes Edit

  • Performance improvements for capital ships.

Bug Fixes Edit

  • The UI will look correct on web versions now.
  • Autoburning to Crew while in a rift has been fixed.
  • Enemies frozen in a rift is fixed.
  • Xp should be displayed correctly when leveling up a ship.
  • The camera range should be better now, you can see the whole box and it should not get locked outside of the screen now.
  • Fixed a bug where when a player left a rift, it said he joined.
  • If you close the burn window when repeating sectors it will now continue.
  • Sales countdown properly now.

3.8A Edit

Changes Edit

  • A new burn window.
  • A autoburn settings that let a user decide what can be autoselected.
  • We tweaked the tutorial to cover more information at the start.
  • Many performance improvements for battles.
  • Improved the battle UI so all ships are on screen.
  • You can now "burn" crew members into other crew members to pass on their experience.

Bug Fixes Edit

  • We fixed a bug where the tutorial would not complete

V3.7A Release Notes 8-MAR-2016 Edit


  • New Inventory Window.
  • New Method for Equipping Ships and Interceptors.
  • New Side Panels for Ships, Interceptors and Capital Ships.
  • Overhauled the Battle UI to be cleaner and more responsive.
  • Each ship has received selecting and giving them a move command in all battles except for the Rift.
  • Deploy Points costs have been reworked.
  • Added an effect when a ship or interceptor levels up.
  • You can have up to eight Capital Ships per fleet now.
  • Reworked the tutorial to better guide the player.
  • Reworked the events to better guide the player.
  • We added an icon next to ships and interceptors when you can spend resources to upgrade them.
  • Set up the backend for localizing the game, we are going to be implementing additional languages over the next while with details to follow.
  • Escorts in battle now reflect that they are escorts by being smaller.
  • Ships when equipped to a fleet will now maintain that position.
  • We rebalanced normal ships and interceptors.
  • Damage Dealt in battles is now displayed above ships and buildings.
  • We removed the legacy missions system.
  • We swapped the position of the Rift and Battle Buttons.
  • We have added all new music to the game, with sound effects to follow soon.
  • Serious Performance improvements on mobile.
  • Ships should now prefer ships over pylons.
  • You can now contribute alliance points in bulk.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug where you could have more a new active ability.
  • Ships active abilities now have a range attached to them.
  • You can now move by
  • than 8 captains by running the game in two tabs.
  • We fixed the bug which would allow you to have ships above level 100.
  • We fixed a bug which would allow players to gain multiple schematics at a time.
  • The public Rift should no longer get blocked by players.
  • Fixed an issue were ships under repair and then upgraded would have their timer increased.
  • Many other little bugs as well.

V3.6 Release Notes 27-OCT-2015 Edit

Version 3.6 patch notes

V3.5A Release Notes 12-AGO-2015Edit


  • Players can now send an email to support from in the game.

Resource UpgradingEdit

  • We have replaced the ‘Yes & Repeat’ upgrade window for everything that requires resources to upgrade with a new, better system.

Daily RewardsEdit

  • A brand new Daily Rewards System has been implemented replacing the existing system.

Capital ShipsEdit

  • Added a new Immortal Passive that increases the critical hit damage of the fleet, caps at 225% increased damage.
  • Passives now effect all capital ship weapons, not just the main cannon.
  • Increased the level cap on Capital Ship Weapons and Armour to 100 from 99.
  • Auto select for capital ships will no longer select decoded schematics.
  • Decoded schematics can now be discarded.


  • Increased the Level cap on Cannon Weapon Attachments for Ships from 50 to 60.
  • Sector rewards have been rebalanced.
  • Increased the range of the sniper and moonraker to be in line with other ships.
  • Increased travel speed of ability projectiles.
  • Reduced the default critical damage bonus from 300% to 200%


  • When upgrading with nanobots, the rewards will be collected if you upgrade several times in a row without reselecting the turret.
  • The base button properly shows the number of actions that can be performed there now.
  • Updated the text of the ‘not enough carbon message’ to be clearer.
  • Added a 15th level to the command center and a 9th fleet bay.
  • You can now place base buildings anywhere in the base.


  • The surrender button is no longer visible while in the tutorial.
  • Added the set player name mission back to the game.


  • The Rift system has been modified to contain 5 difficulty tiers, this will allow players with lower fleet power to participant in Rifts.
    • Space Picnic – Easy, 2 players recommended.
    • Astral Shift – Normal, 3 players recommended.
    • Stellar Invasion – Hard, 4 players recommended.
    • Wayward Galaxy – Very Hard, 4 players recommended (Coming Soon)
    • Inferno Nebula – Extremely Hard, 5 players recommended (Coming Soon)
  • Players will need to beat each tier 5 times to advance to the next tier.
  • Rift invites can be blocked in the settings menu now.


  • Ship Cards in the battle now have a health bar displays on them.
  • You can now enter a battle with just a capital ship in your fleet.


  • When viewing player’s fleets, you are now taken to the fleet hub of the player.


  • Players will now receive alliance valor when a schematic finishes decoding.
  • Rerolling schematics now has a short animation that plays.
  • If an alliance leader is AFK for 30 days, the highest player (sum FP) who has been active in the last 30 days is assigned the role of leader.
  • When a user leaves an alliance, there name will no longer appear as a zero anywhere.
  • The alliance operations button has a new icon.


  • If a player has a mission that can be claimed it will show up on the mission quick bar.
  • Added a new daily mission to upgrade a Captains active skill.
  • Adjusted the priority of missions following the tutorial.
  • Fixed crash when users have completed all missions.


  • The mission’s window is more responsive to input now.


  • Tweaked some sound effects.


  • Changes when the tactical charge offer appears and increased it’s duration.

Mobile DevicesEdit

  • Added a third wheel spin with Copper Tokens, players can watch a 15-30 second long add several times a day to earn a Copper Token.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Infusing the exact amount of valor required for an Alliance HQ upgrade was not triggering a level upgrade.
  • Players in the top 100 ranking where not appearing correctly.
  • Fixed the crash when packs where on sale.
  • Fixed bug when a stunned ship is destroyed in the rift.
  • Mind control now works as expected in the rift.
  • Autoburning crew members will no longer crash the game.
  • Fixed passives not applying in the rift, escort bonuses still do not work.
  • Missions that require completing a building will not trigger until the building has completed its upgrade.
  • Tapping the close button on the rift summary now takes a player back to base.
  • You can no longer send operations with a fleet that has no ships in it.

V3.4 Release Notes 22-JUL-2015Edit

Major FeaturesEdit

  • Fleet management has moved from the “Fleet” window to an interactive view, where you can see and interact with all your ships in space (vs. in the window).
  • You can view the classic fleet view window by tapping the fleet button while already in fleet view (although our plan is to phase this out)
  • Added new Tutorial for the Game.
  • Redesigned the entire UI.
  • Redesigned the Missions.
  • Type-C Damage Boost Unit renamed to Interceptor evacuation.
    • Currency & Small mission rewards no longer display the large collect window.
    • Max level ships will not be selected for auto-burning in the Rift.
    • Increased the maximum level of the Planetary Extractor to level 50.

Minor FeaturesEdit

  • The bottom left buttons are now used to switch between the three main game views (Fleets, Base and Alliance Base).
  • Moved missions and shop to top bar.
  • Removed packs button from top bar and integrated pack opening/buying in to the shop
  • Schematics state and progress can now be viewed from above the schematics lab in the alliance base.
  • Removed the schematics button from the top bar.
  • Alliance forge contributions sort by highest contributor first.
  • Reduced the number of notifications of Facebook and Kongregate.
  • Added capital ship defensive items to the internal wiki.
  • Added list of weapon abilities in the internal wiki.
  • Decoded schematics burn for 2x XP.
  • Changed the position of schematics name’s so more clearly displays.
  • Ships stats now reflect any weapons or items equipped.


  • Buffed Capital Ship Armour Bonus which reduced damage from interceptors and escorts to be in line with that of hosts.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed some abilities sometimes not working as intended in some situations affecting some players.
    • Viewing another player’s base will no longer display all of their ships across all of their fleets.
    • Canceling an auto-burn window while in a battle view, will not take you to the next battle or back to your base.
  • Adjusted alignment on battle UI
  • Capital ships weren’t leveling up past level 100


Version 3.4B

  • Fixed Grandfather in old users
  • Fixed Crash on load effecting some users.

Version 3.4C

  • Canvas.dll issue fixed
  • Repeatable missions include on mission button counter
  • Display the correct capital ship when visiting other people’s bases
  • Update wording for tutorials
  • Delay between Rift Waves increased to 10 seconds.
  • Fix for notifications on Android
  • Fix: The captain display shows cap as 60, when it is 100.
  • Ships are max level are not visible in the auto-burn list
  • Fix: Game crashes if you accept a decoded schematic when you inventory is full.
  • When loading the game, it opens to you default fleet.
  • Game crashes when you add a friend via the alliance window.
  • Sorting levels for capital ship items
  • Decoding common schematics only takes 60 seconds.
  • Various visual fixes
  • Captain Passives will work in the Rift now.

V3.3B Release Notes 15-MAY-2015Edit

This ties up some loose ends with 3.3A and brings it on to all platforms.
+ Updated for Facebook, Android and iOS
+ Adjusted overall brightness.
+ Updates to the battle modal to make it look better
+ Updates to the Rift UI to make it look better
+ A ship will not say dodged or critical hit more than 1 time per second.
+ If you do not deploy any ships in a rift wave, you will get reduced rift energy and drops for that wave.
+ Background zooms in and out with base.

V3.3A Release Notes (Major Release)  13-MAY-2015Edit

Version 3.3A is one of our largest single updates ever. The art team worked very to make the whole game look WAY better. Because of the massive number of things that have changed, this release is only going out to Kongregate while we test out everything that is new. Our hope is to have everything ironed out by Friday and submitted/available on all platforms by the weekend. Please let us know of any issues you might experience with this new build.
+ Improved overall game appearance and switched to a perspective camera.
+ Each player and alliance now has a unique background. For now the background you have cannot be changed. If people really want to change theirs, perhaps we will make a way to do so.
+ Module upgrading system adjusted to allow for multiple module upgrades at the same time. See below to learn how you can increase your limit beyond 1.
+ If you do not like the automatically selected auto-burn targets, tap the settings button and tap "Auto Burning" and specify your own.
+ Significant performance enhancements in battles, including rift.
+ Replaced to old Merchant Wheel with a new wheel that has two modes (platinum and rift energy). Animation is slightly changed and faster.
+ Added a third carbon storage at Command Center level 13
+ Increased capital ship max level to 200
+ When you reach 120,000 fleet power, you get a free builder, which will allow you to construct 1 more base module concurrently.
+ Milestone for second builder added on battle summary screen.
+ On the battle summary window, you will get a teaser for unlocking the rift, just like for alliances
+ You can now see the high-scores of your friends and alliance members for the rift by clicking the button on the rift screen.
+ If you have extra remnants you can now transmute them into cobalt, titanium or selenium (Tap the remnant processor, then the Transmute button)
+ Value of Immortal burns (including XP cards) raised to 6000
+ You can upgrade your Alliance HQ using Alliance Valor. As of now the only way to get Alliance Valor is via the new rift wheel. This will change soon and it will be available in more places.
+ You can build additional alliance modules provided your HQ level is sufficient.
+ Removed the sector records tab
+ Removed the best sector leaderboard.
+ Made the on-screen mission display look nicer.
+ Changed to priority order in which missions appear on the main screen. Your daily alliance missions will appear here if you are in one.
+ If you wish to keep your transactions private from your referer, you can now do so by activating privacy mode by clicking the cog in the social window.
+ ELITE Packs are here, these work like regular packs, but contain Legendary or Immortal items (instead of Epic, Legendary or Immortal items).
+ Adjusted layout of alliance base.
+ Rewrote the move module code because the current one was horrendously slow, especially when your base grew bigger.
+ Added an integrated wiki that provides information about items in the game (accessible from the settings window).
+ Improvements to notification system, you will get less notifications/message and more diverse updates.
+ If you click the alliance button before reaching 15k FP, you will get a more informative window.
+ BUG FIX: Collecting a gift doesn't update the counter on the main screen.

V3.2ZL Release Notes 6-MAY-2015Edit

This should probably be the very last release in the 3.2 series, barring any emergency patches or fixes. We didn't want to make any significant changes, but we wanted to
improve on the Rift so there are some enhancements. The main purpose of this version is to get all platforms syncronised. This version is going out to all 4 platforms
(Facebook, Kongregate, iOS and Android). Yes, you read that right, this version has been submitted to Apple for review (it will take ~10 days to get feedback).
This version is going out to:
✓ Kongregate
✓ Facebook
✓ Android
✓ iOS (~10 Day Review Wait)
Changes & Updates:
+ In the rift, groups within a wave are not sent at the same time (it is staggered).
+ When a pylon is lost in the rift, it will display an alert.
+ Increased plating of enemy interceptors in rift.
+ The Rift window will not show you the highest wave you've reached, and the most kills in a rift (not retroactive).
+ When you get a new best wave or total kills, the rift summary window will tell you.
+ Removed a bunch of crap from 3rd party libraries that wasn't needed.
+ Removed Android permissions that were not essential.
+ Code optimization in Rift, it should perform better.
+ Alliance operations will not show every operation for every alliance member, just relevant operations (Boostable, boosted, etc.)
+ Brought iOS up to date on all features added since V2.8.
+ Removed "Preview" from the alliance button.
+ MISSIONS ADDED: Reach Wave 10,20,25,30,35,40,45,50.
+ BUG FIX: Cannot save fleet name by clicking on the button.
+ BUG FIX: The "DEFEND PYLON!" text didn't fit in the bubble at the start of the rift.
+ BUG FIX: Resurrection abilities were allowing the same thing to be resurrected many times.
+ BUG FIX: Abilities that costed plating when activated were displaying the wrong value in their descriptions.
+ BUG FIX: Alliance discussion said "Member" claimed all the gifts sometimes.
+ BUG FIX: Sometimes interceptors just sat in the same spot without engaging in base raids.
+ BUG FIX: Abilities sometimes said "Dodge" (although they were not actually dodged, or dodgable). This included friendly abilities.

V3.2ZH,I,J,K Release Notes 30-ABR-2015Edit

We are introducing a major feature called "Battle Rift" in this release. We will only be releasing to Kongregate as we are still sweeping bugs and issues from this feature.
Once we know the feature is stable and ready, we will put it out to Facebook and Android



+ The BATTLE RIFT is here
++ You must have at least a total fleet power of 50,000 to play!
++ Team up with up to 4 players and try to reach the further wave you can
++ STRONGLY recommend have a Mayflower host with upgraded missile strike, especially for the first several waves
++ Rare ships require more deployment points to use.
++ You can start on your own, other player can join up until wave 10
++ Feature is in preview, more to come!
+ Command Center Level 13 + Additional Fleet Bay
+ Tutorial Enhancements
+ BUG FIX: When viewing someone else's fleet, you cannot see their capital ship.
+ BALANCE: Missile Strike (Active ability for Mayflower, damaged reduced by 30%)

+ Significantly reduced data sent between clients, should increase performance and reduce packet loss (est data = 100kb/wave).
+ Added a 4th color to the player name, so when playing with 4 players, two are not red.
+ BALANCE: Deployment cost for Capital Ships is the same other ships in the rift.
+ BALANCE: Missile strike cost increased to 5 tactical points and reduced.
+ BALANCE: All rifts have been adjusted for difficulty
+ BUG FIX: Capital Ships don't target allied ships in the rift.
+ BUG FIX: Sometimes enemies were appearing with friendly health bar colors.

+ Adjustments to chat for better flow.
+ Made the player tile wider in rift to fit longer names.
+ BUG FIX: Trying to join public games often gives a "Game Already Over" message and boots you out.
+ BUG FIX: If a rift ends with the wave completion window open, game crashes

This version will bring the rift to Facebook and Android. This will be the last (or one of the last) releases in the V3.2 series. Our new goal is to move on to V3.3 and
bring iOS up to speed (yes you read that right, iOS will get an update!).
✔ Kongregate
✔ Facebook
✔ Android
✔ iOS [Not Immediate]
+ Make crew icons smaller in rift.
+ Pretty Image on the background of the rift window.
+ BUG FIX: Errors on some clients.
+ BUG FIX: Stun did not always work in rift.
+ Android Support

V3.2ZE Release Notes 13-ABR-2015Edit

will see "Major Unlock" progress. This is to help you keep track of progress towards new features. As of now the only thing we have in there is alliances (since alliances are already available for most players, it won't do much). We do have several features planned that unlock a further FP progress, this will help you become aware of what you've unlocked and how close you are to the next thing.
+ NEW MISSION: Daily mission to send out an alliance operation.
+ NEW MISSION: Daily mission to send out 25 alliance operations (only visible after you complete the mission to send out 1).
+ When someone joins your alliance, you will get a notif
+ When someone posts in the alliance discussion, you will get a notif
+ When someone sends you a direct gift, you will get a notif
+ Removed color/bolding from chat until we have some way to better control the use and validation of it.
+ The window where you upgrade the rarity of your cap ship displays the remnant cost.
+ Tutorial adjustments
+ Continue button on the battle summary screen turned to orange from grey.
+ BUG FIX: you can scroll in an awkward way in chat.
+ BUG FIX: the game crashes when auto burn wants you to burn to a cap ship (in some cases)
+ BUG FIX: battles against a fleet of just one capital ship does not end.

V3.2ZD Release Notes 9-ABR-2015Edit

We want to focus on different things tomorrow and only do one Android build, so here is a quick iteration on some chat related changes from 3.2ZC, enjoy.
+ Main screen UI has been adjusted to allow for leaving chat open easier and low aspect ratio screens.
+ Alliance screen UI has been adjusted to allow for leaving chat open easier and low aspect ratio screens.
+ Battle screen UI has been adjusted to allow for leaving chat open easier and low aspect ratio screens.
+ Moved the "RETURN HOME" button on the visit friends screen to the top left so it's not hidden behind chat.
+ When you begin opening a chest, there is a "thwmpf" sound
+ There is a send button in chat, some browsers don't work well with "enter" to send.
+ Chat will also tag your alliance
+ Whitespace is trimmed in chat.
+ If you leave with the chat tab open, it will continue to be open when you return.
+ There is a connecting message in chat
+ BUG FIX: You can scroll up in chat, but not back down.
+ BUG FIX: Notification for boosting were still not positioned right.
+ BUG FIX: You cannot add yourself as your own friend anymore
+ BUG FIX: In the alliance point forge, the top contributors wasn't working
+ BUG FIX: Hitting enter when renaming fleets didn't always save the fleet.
+ Fixed 1 typo

V3.2ZC Release Notes 9-ABR-2015Edit

The version gets a bunch of small things out of the, it also replaces the icon, adds a chat feature and gives players a place to put all their extra alliance points.
This version is going to be released on:
✔ Facebook
✔ Kongregate
✔ Android
✘ iOS
New in 3.2ZC
+ Fancy new app icon.
+ NEW FEATURE: Spend you extra alliance points in the alliance point forge, you can access it from the "Upgrades" tab of the
+ In alliance, the "chat" is now called "discussion" and has been moved to the top bar.
+ When you tap the chat button, a more typical scrolling real-time chat will be available. Right now there is only a "world" channel. A private alliance channel may be considered in the future.
+ By caching data on the client, we were able to improve load speeds (will be especially noticable on mobile when using over-the-air connections).
+ Changed the CC level 3 upgrade from reading 1D to 1 Day, since the font makes it look like 10.
+ Removed the centering on the items for hte sale window, otherwise some items were looking cut-off.
+ Changed the sound of missiles on capital ship to be less annoying.
+ Changed the sound effect for when collecting from an alliance module.
+ Added a sound effect and animation for when you infuse to an alliance module.
+ Added a sound effect for when you fure a schematic on to a cap ship.
+ Added a sound effect for when you begin decoding a schematic
+ Last hit gifts expire after 24 hours (be sure to claim them daily!)
+ You can not send operations slightly faster by auto selecting the best fleet and quickly closing the summary window
+ Resource collection indicators will not appear more often than every 30 seconds (some people produce enough carbon that is appears as soon as you tap it).
+ There is a button to add friend button in the view alliance screen for ease of adding alliance members as friends.
+ Thunderboltt renamed to Thunderbolt
+ If you encouter priates, there might be a capital ship in the mix
+ BUG FIX: When you received boost on mobile, the location of the alert was too far to the left.
+ Three new daily missions added, you may need to wait until daily mission reset to gain access to these missions.
+ NEW DAILY MISSION: Begin decoding a schematic today
+ NEW DAILY MISSION: Upgrade a capital ship weapon, plating or passive
+ NEW DAILY MISSION: Upgrade a capital ship active (offense or defense)

V3.2ZB Release Notes 6-ABR-2015Edit

This is to tie up a few loose ends. Many enhancements to make things easier, please enjoy!
+ If your fleet is attacked by another player, your Capital Ship will appear on defense
+ When your operation is boosted, you will get a fun swoosh sound and alert
+ When upgrading a captain ability, you will get a "& Repeat" option, like other upgrades
+ Alliance Fleet Power will update more often (although it is still not real-time)
+ Boost Alliance Members faster. When you boost a fleet, the list will move the boosted fleed down and allow you to boost the next one without moving your finger/mouse.
+ Same as above for unloading operations.
+ When you burn in to the capital ship, you will see the same fancy window as with burning in to other ships.
+ Your capital ship will fly around your base with other ships.
+ When players visit your base, your capital ship will be flying around with other ships.
+ Updated the Alliance Operation generation script to ensure there are always a reasonable amount of operations being generated.
+ Free chest tip updated on social modal to reflect time change.
+ Removed extra assets and opening cut scene to reduce file size.
+ Adjusted the price to upgrade captain active abilities.
+ Operations list scrolls faster on mouse wheel.
+ Tutorial adjustments
+ BUG FIX: Weapons were displaying the wrong DPS (far too high).
+ BUG FIX: Open and close the chat window too fast causes some weird effects.
+ BUG FIX: Some times alliance operations appeared twice.
+ BUG FIX: Android players could only input numbers in the add friend by referral code box.

V3.2ZA Release Notes (Minor Release)  3-ABR-2015Edit

Note, we went from 3.2Y to 3.2ZA (There is/was no 3.2Z). This is a very minor release, but we had to do it because there was some urgent bug and tutorial fixes that couldn't wait.
+ Tutorial adjustments.
+ CRITICAL BUG FIX: In battles, un-deployed ships were appearing in red.

V3.2Y Release Notes 2-ABR-2015Edit

This wraps up the main development for Capital Ships. There are still a couple things left, and they will come soon (when attacking someone with a capital ship and having capital ships that are destroyed go in to repair). There are a few non Capital Ship related items we've been wanting to get to first though. This release is going out to:
✔ Kongregate
✔ Facebook
✔ Android
✘ iOS
New In This Version
+ You can now upgrade the rarity tier of your capital ship using schematics and remnants.
+ Capital Ship Defensive items (auto casting) are in play. These abilities will automatically cast like actives every few seconds.
+ Capital ships now increase fleet power.

V3.2X Release Notes 1-ABR-2015Edit

We're past the half way point of getting the capital ships ready. Once we have the defensive abilities ready, we will incorporate them fully (meaning they will add fleet power, and there will be rarity upgraded). This release is going out to:
✔ Kongregate
✔ Facebook
✘ Android
✘ iOS
We expect an Android release soon (in the next few days).
+ Activate abilities for Capital Ships are in effect. If you have an "ACTIVE ABILITY" type item equipped to your capital ship, you can use it now.
+ Passive abilities for Capital Ships are in effect.
+ You can remove friends from the friends list.
+ Open time for comma and rare chests adjusted.
+ Tutorial Enhancements.
+ BUG FIX: Couldn't use a the captain ability with just a capital ship in battle

V3.2W Release Notes 31-MAR-2015Edit

In the newest version, we have capital ship weapons in play. If you have good plating and weapons with good passives, you will begin to feel the impact of having a good
capital ship. This version required extensive changes to the ability engine and will be limited to Facebook and Kongregate as a result. Android will follow very soon.
Released to:
✔ Kongregate
✔ Facebook
✘ Android
✘ iOS
+ Capital Ship WEAPONRY is in play (Both additional weapons and passives).
++ Your additional weapons will fire from the capital ship.
++ The default weapon of the ship selects its target like any other ship, but the weapons added by you will choose different targets to create a cool visual effect.
++ Capital ships might move closer to targets than needed to sub weapons are also in range.
++ Passive abilities for your capital ship weapons will work.
+ BUG FIX: In 3.2V we claimed to remove unneeded stuff to reduce file size, but didn't do it properly, it's now gone for real.
+ BUG FIX: Icons we not appearing for the last hit counter in the view alliance window.

V3.2V Release Notes 31-MAR-2015Edit

We know a lot of people have already started to decode schematics and are setting up their ship. In this release, we will start to unlock the power of the capital ship.
Plating category items are in full effect, you will receive the plating bonus PLUS the passive the plating provides.
Because we had to tinker a lot with the ability system to get some of these new abilities to work, it is possible something broke and was missed in testing.
Because of this, we are limiting this release to Kongregate and Kongregate only, but we will have the subsequent version out quickly to go out to Android also.
This release is available on:
✔ Kongregate
✔ Facebook
✘ Android
✘ iOS
+ For Capital Ships, PLATING items will now be in fill effect (both the added plating will be available, and passives will be applied).
+ You can now see a log of last hits your alliance has earned (this is NOT retroactive). Open the "VIEW ALLIANCE" screen to see it.
+ You can remove ships from fleets easier (you don't need to manually remove the escorts and interceptors first, it will do it all in 1 step).
+ Added daily mission to boost 1 and 20 alliance operations
+ Added daily mission to infuse in to any alliance module
+ Removed the arena missions
+ You can now burn XP cards in to your Capital Ship
+ There is now a counter on the battle button and battle window to help keep your planetary extractors busy.
+ Removed many un-needed assets to reduce file size
+ BUG FIX: When selecting items for a capital ship, the tile showed the wrong level.
+ BUG FIX: Getting stuck in the tutorial for clearing sector 2 if you replay it too many times.
+ BUG FIX: The progress report window was showing room in a fleet if it was full and also had a capital ship

V3.2U Release Notes 27-MAR-2015Edit

Next step for Capital Ships. This release is going to:
✔ Facebook [Immediate]
✔ Kongregate [Immediate]
✔ Android [By End-of-Day]
✘ iOS
+ You can now *SORT OF* use the *CAPITAL SHIP* in battle.
++ You CAN deploy the ship, it will attack and be attacked.
++ NONE of the attached items are in play (neither their effect, such as plating nor their passives)
++ It will likely be pretty weak of a ship at the moment, just remember, this is a preview, we'd rather start weak and make stronger than nerf.
++ Your capital ship will nor go in to repair, nor will it appear when your fleet is on defense.
+ The dot on the schematics button doesn't show schematic count, but status of the decoding.
+ The dot on the alliance button includes number of ready schematics
+ Number of Alliance Badges needed to unlock a tier adjusted
+ Free chests are hourly on the social window.
+ Social window immediately displays timer after collecting free chest.
+ Social window immediately shows action indicator on chests tab after collecting free chest.
+ Tutorial enhancements
+ BUG FIX: Sometimes prizes were not visible for operations.
+ BUG FIX: If you try to upgrade capital ship level without selecting anything, you go in an internet connection infinite loop.
+ BUG FIX: Captain tile on fleet window didn't include capital ship in ship count.
+ BUG FIX: Exploit that allowed players to get 1 extra ship in a fleet that had a capital ship.
+ BUG FIX: The chest time limit was increased, but the description still said 30M
+ BUG FIX: Couldn't set name properly
+ BUG FIX: General In tutorial

V3.2T Release Notes (Major Release)  26-MAR-2015Edit

Release is going to:
✔ Facebook
✔ Kongregate
✔ Android
✘ iOS
This is very exciting release because we are EXTREMELY proud to announce a secret feature we have been working on for a few months now:


The Capital ship is a ship you get for free when you first join an alliance. It can be added to any fleet.
Unlike any other ship, it is highly customizable and when upgraded will deal a massive amount of damage.
Components of the capital ship are individually decoded in the schematics lab. As of this release you can build out your ship (and add it to your fleet).
YOU CANNOT yet use it in battle (this part isn't ready yet!) But you can start getting it ready for when that does happen!
At present, capital ships do not add to fleet power (but they will)
Capital ships are in super-beta mode, please be patient with any bugs or issues.
+ 2nd Fleet Bay comes at CC level 5 (instead of 6)
+ 3rd Fleet Bay comes at CC level 8 (instead of 9)
+ 4th Gamma Tower comes at CC level 6 (instead of 7)
+ Capital Ships are here
++ You get your ship automatically if you are in an alliance
++ You can equip it to any fleet
++ You can attach items to it in the 5 categorys (active, defensive active, passive, weapon, plating)
++ You can upgrade capital ship items using two of the new resources (Selenium, Titanium)
++ You can upgrade your capital ships level (Which will increase its base damage and plating) by burning un-needed capital ship items and schematics
+ Schematics Lab is Open
++ Decode schematics to get parts for your CAPITAL SHIP
++ Schematics decode in to a capital ship part of equal rarity of the schematic
++ Upgrade your schematics lab to reduce the decode time
++ Heads up: Many schematics have special abilities, all abilities can still change by balance or in entirety at this point!
++ Schematics do not take up any room in your inventory, but the items they decode into do
++ Schematics can be earned by attacking operations that have them. Over the next 48 hours, you will see many more operations with schematics. You can crit schematics (so it might not be a common drop).
+ You can now upgrade all alliance modules except for the HQ
++ Upgrade by "infusing" cobalt in to the module.
++ The total amount infused = upgrade level.
+ The items window has been completely re-programmed to include capital ship items and improve perfomance. Please report any bugs or issues.
+ Auto burn will recommend burning to a capital ship if your inventory is being clogged up by capital ship items.
+ BUG FIX: Some outposts were showing a smaller prize because the last number was getting cut-off
+ BUG FIX: Couldn't scroll left/right on the select ship window (sometimes)
+ BUG FIX: Couldn't scroll on the progress report window
+ 2 spelling errors corrected.

V3.2S Release Notes 24-MAR-2015Edit

Going to Android, Kongregate, Facebook. Next we will start to unlock alliance modules and upgrades.
+ Payouts for operation last hits have been adjusted, you should slowly see operations with more than just cobalt (on last hit). The actual individual portion will be done at a later date (once schematics are ready).
+ Enhancements for Android
+ Tutorial enhancements
+ Carbon storage max level bumped from 50 to 60
+ Command Center level 12 unlocked
+ 6th Fleet Bay at CC lvl 12
+ Alliance introduction change from "Two truths and a lie" to "Ask us anything"
+ When a thread in chat is replied to, the root thread is bumped.
+ BUG FIX: If you activate multiple times in the same day by changing alliances, the reward is limited
+ BUG FIX: Freezing issue on alliance manage window

V3.2Q Release Notes 23-MAR-2015Edit

Live on Facebook and Kongregate immediately. Android in a few hours. iOS in the future.

+ Alliance Gifts are here!
++ For every 100 boosts your receive in operations you get an alliance gift (of varying rarity)
++ When you have a gift, go to chat, then post, then click the attach button. The gift can be attached to any post.
++ The gift can be opened by any alliance member (first come first served and you can't open your own)
++ Happy Gifting!
+ Introduce yourself to your alliance in chat and they can send you a special welcome gift
++ Welcome gifts are capped per player, so joining different alliances will not generate more gifts
+ Unloading operations does not show the items receive window anyone.
+ The counter on the alliance/operation button and tabs in the operations window do not count for fleets you don't have (that means the red dot is only visible if you can take an action).
+ If you go to launch a fleet and have none available, it will give you a message.
+ Made the operations window load faster.
+ Tutorial enhancements
+ If there is a sale, the counter for available modules will still appear on the shop button.
+ BUG FIX: Sometimes when you close the operations window, bits of the window are stuck to the screen.
+ BUG FIX: Prevent handing on the operations window (infinite spinning timer issue).
+ BUG FIX: Sometimes friends show up twice on social window.
+ BUG FIX: Returning fleets expired early.
+ BALANCE: Chest opening times have been adjusted

V3.2P Release Notes 20-MAR-2015Edit

This build contains minor tweaks and bug fixes, but the main focus was on getting a new Android build ready. This build is going out to Kongregate, Facebook and Android. iOS will need to wait a little longer (because of how Apple's review process works).
+ Significant update to make game run faster/smoother (Especially noticable on Android).
+ Made accepting items in the social window smoother.
+ On the missions window, if you have completed missions, there will be a counter on the tabs within the window.
+ Tutorial enhancements
+ You can choose to send gifts to your alliance anonymously in sales.
+ Confirmation before leaving an alliance.
+ Confirmation before kicking an alliance member.
+ CRITICAL BUG: Tutorial issue
+ CRITICAL BUG: Authentication error
+ BUG FIX: When sending out an operation, the rewards tray will fill twice.
+ BUG FIX: The upgrade ship activate ability button was not always visible.
+ BUG FIX: If you kick more than 1 person at a time from an alliance, game locks up.
+ BUG FIX: Counter does not update when you accept a gift for receive alliance boosts.
+ BALANCE: You need to be boosted 100x to get a prize

V3.2M Release Notes 19-MAR-2015Edit

The direction for operations wasn't right. It was too hard to strategize with out-going fleets. More over, it is disappointing to send out a fleet and have it return with nothing. Because of this, we adjusted operations such that fleets instantly deal the attack (But still need time to return).
++ When you attack, the attack occurs instantly.
++ You can boost returning fleets, it will reduce the return time by 1 minute
++ Rush button appears in grey
++ When you open the operations tab, it will jump to the operation of highest rarity you can do.
++ Operations do not display allies en route
++ Operations sort by health remaining.
++ Returned cargo expires in 24 hours, you must collect it in 24 hours
++ General bug fixing in operations window.

V3.2L Release Notes 18-MAR-2015Edit

This release is going out to Facebook and Kongregate. We got a lot of small bugs out of the way and wanted to do a little more, but decided to roll this one out ASAP because it fixes two critical bugs that we didn't want to wait for.
What's New
+ If you missed buying the Tactical Charge initially (full tactical bar at start of every battle), you can now late-buy it in the shop/items section.
+ If an alliance has no admin, the player with the highest fleet power will be assigned the role of admin.
+ Added a check to prevent "Message..." from being posted in alliance chat.
+ Operations will display # of alliance fleets en route.
+ Operations are sorted by # alliance fleets on en route, then distance
+ If you have a alliance gift ready, the counter on the alliance/operations button will indicate it.
+ When in your base, it will only add the best 10 ships flying around (instead of every last ship you have).
+ You can now rush alliance operations (skip the wait) for credits. Out-bound rushes will skip the while thing.
+ Added a "Combined Fleet Power" leaderboard.
+ CRITICAL BUG FIX: In some rare-edge cases, actions were being rolled back a few days later.
+ CRITICLE BUG FIX: The "Re-roll" button wasn't visible on the new crew member window
+ BUG FIX: The amount of time an operation would take, did not match the time displayed
+ BUG FIX: Counters in the operations window didn't update correctly.
+ BUG FIX: You cannot click the buttons on the select interceptor window if you had no interceptors.
+ BUG FIX: You cannot click the buttons on the select esctor window if you had no ships.
+ TYPO FIX: "Contribut alliannce points"
+ KNOWN ISSUE: The game is currently not working in Safari. If you are on a Mac, try using Chrome.
+ KNOWN ISSUE: Some fleets were sent back before the operation was complete. In testing we could not recreate and reports of this seem to have lessened. It is possible this was a result of working on a feature that was already live. If you notice this happens again, please report it with as much information again.

V3.2K Release Notes 17-MAR-2015Edit

This version is going to Kongregate only. It is an incremental build to test the operation rarities.
+ You can now activate higher rarity operations using Alliance Points.
+ Boostable fleets appear first in the list of alliance fleet operations
+ Every 30 alliance boosts you receive, you can claim an Alliance Gift of a random rarity (common to immortal). You will be able to use alliance gifts in an upcoming build.
+ You can see the last seen time in the alliance manage window. This will read 30D ago until members log in next.
+ 1 Operation per rarity level will now be created every hour, on the hour automatically. Amount and frequency will be adjusted as needed.
+ Operations are grouped by rarity.
+ Spelling fix "allianance" to "alliance"
+ BUG FIX: Boosts were not giving the 10% damage bonus.

V3.2J Release Notes 16-MAR-2015Edit

This build marks a major step forward towards getting alliance operations where we want them. You can now increase the number of concurrent fleets and boost friendly fleets. Still to come in operations:
+ Unlocking higher tier operations.
+ Change the prizes to include more than just cobalt.
So far he highly appreciate all the positive feedback on the feature and look forward to finishing it off so we can shift attention to the next batch of things. We want to aim for daily releases (or near daily), meaning there will be more partial features coming out (and being rolled out over several days, like Operations).

+ Changed the way editing the name in the Settings window works to make it less confusing.
+ Operations will deal the lesser of the fleet power and 5% of the operation total health.
+ Enabled last hit alliance rewards.
+ Complete Redesign of the tiles in the Operations > Fleet Status window. Cleaner appearance and more informative.
+ You can now see the operations fleet status of fleets in your entire alliance.
+ You can now boost friend alliance operations that are out-bound, each boost will earn you 10 alliance point and increase damage done by 10%.
+ There is a display in the operations window that shows how many fleets you have active (and max you can have active)
+ There is a dsiplay in the operations window that displays your alliance point count.
+ The distance for operations will be different for every alliance (that is operation #25 will have a different distance (in time) for each alliance.
+ Remove random lines and artifacts on graphics throughout game.
+ Changed the message at the bottom of the alliance manage window (about being a preview).
+ You can now have multiple fleets doing operatiosn at once, here is how
++ For every 4 "activated" members in the alliance, you get 1 more concurrent fleet
++ A player can activate for 24 hours by clicking the "activate" button the upgrades tab
++ It costs 50 Alliance Points to activate
++ Activating gives the player 10 items
+ The counter on the alliance button includes: chat, fleets available to be sent out, boosts available to give out, if you can activate your membership, fleets that you can reset/unload
+ Counter on operations button to indicate number of actions available
+ Counter on tabs in operations window to incate number of actions available

V3.2I Release Notes 15-MAR-2015Edit

+ Destroyed operations will no long appear on the list.

+ Increased alliance size to 30 (from 20).

+BUG FIX: Friends tab continued to crash for some players in the social window.

+ BUG FIX: Sometimes the "My Fleets" tab in the Operations window wasn't working with the latest data, making it look broken.

+ BUG FIX: Cannot click on the buttons on the no crew members windows

+ Tutorial tweaks and adjustments.

V3.2D, E, F & G Release Notes 13-MAR-2015Edit

This version is Kongregate only and is an interim release, we anticipate it to be replaced very quickly with the next version.
We upgraded to Unity 5.0, along with upgrading to the new version of NGUI. Although both versions are better, we are experiencing a number of side effects.
Because of these side effects we wanted to get this next build out as soon as possible with the hopes the community can help us find any additional issues with Unity 5.0
and/or the new version of NGUI. As a result, the new "Alliance Operations" feature isn't as far along as we typically like to get with a new feature, but we thought we'd
bring include it anyways to give players something more to do with their alliances.
+ MAJOR: Added Alliance Operations, this will allow players to begin earning Cobalt, work as a team and earn more!
+ We have more planned for this feature, please help test!
+ Number and values are pending adjustment.
+ Right now, the only prize is Cobalt. Once the feature is final we will add more to the mix.
+ MAJOR: Build made with the new Unity 5 and the latest version of NGUI. There are already some issues with layering and clickability, please report all issues!
+ In the chat window, new messages will appear in green.
+ In the leaderboard, your alliance is highlighted (if it appears on the list)
+ Bug Fix: Alignment of the chat tab on the alliance screen.
+ Bug Fix: Alliance chat counter didn't go above 1.
+ Bug Fix: If you select a module by clicking on a progress bar, the focus right appears huge.
+ Bug Fix: Alliance leaderboard wasn't showing all alliances all the time.
+ Bug Fix: The order of items in the credits window was random
+ Made the power box bigger on the Fleet Select and Ship Modification window.
+ Limited the depth of a conversation to 5 in chat
+ Minor adjustments to chat layout
+ Due to testing, some alliances started with HQs of an advanced level that also allowed them to build modules early, this has been reset to level the playing field
+ Added an indicator on the Alliance button on the main screen that shows if there are pending chats.
+ Added a member count to the alliance leaderboard

As expected, an incremental build to fix some annoyances:
+ A major bug in Unity 5 causes interaction between server and client to fail, a work around was made.
+ Sorting of packs in the shop has been fixed.
+ BUG FIX: Buttons on alliance view window were not clickable.
+ BUG FIX: Members in alliance view window were offset by 1/2 a tile.
+ BUG FIX: Alliances that were not visible, even if the join code was used.
+ BUG FIX: Join button for alliances wasn't always clickable.
+ BUG FIX: The window to upgrade escorts wasn't scrollable.
+ BUG FIX: Ships weren't dropping in the right order
+ BUG FIX: Mission window wasn't always scrollable
+ BUG FIX: Social/Friends tab was displaying a message about your internet connection for some users.

+ BUG FIX: Scrolling doesn't work in messages
+ BUG FIX: Scrolling on select crew/captain windows
+ BUG FIX: Scroll on select interceptor window
+ BUG FIX: Scroll on select esctor window
+ BUG FIX: Scroll on select weapon window
+ BUG FIX: Buttons inside of tabs on ship modification window stopped working.
+ BUG FIX: Both sides of fleet tray became non-scrollable after some time.


Since we have stomped out most of the Unity 5 bugs, we are also releasing this version to Facebook, so Facebook users can also start joining alliances. We hope this is the last in the 3.2 series of rush fixes and all the Unity 5/NGUI issues have been addressed.
+ Added several new COMMON alliance operations.
+ BUG FIX: You can now claim missions on the second tab.
+ BUG FIX: Sorting on attack and defense log.
+ BUG FIX: You cannot view the alliance leaderboard if you're not in an alliance.
+ BUG FIX: You cannot create new alliances.
+ BUG FIX: If there are no free alliances, the message would not show up, making it look like there is an error.
+ When in the alliance base, you hear the regular music, not the battle music.


This version is an incremental build to continue to help test out new alliance related features. This will be release to Kongregate only.

Changes and Updates

+When you join an alliance, you can now access your base view.
++ You can chat with your alliance in the alliance view
++ At this point you can gather 3 of the new resources (Titanium, Selenium and Remnants)
++ You cannot: Earn Cobalt (so you cannot upgrade any alliance modules)
++ You cannot: Spend any of the currencies
++ It is also not yet officially revealed what the currencies will do.
++ The purpose is to: Let you see what the alliance base will look like, and start gathering 3 of the new resources.
+ Added top alliances to leaderboard window (Total fleet power of all fleets of all members)
+ Fixed a bug where some users were getting stuck on the "Build a Carbon Extractor" mission in the tutorial.
+ Fixed a bug where new alliances couldn't be created
+ Fixed a bug where alliances with apostrophe's in the name had them escaped
+ Fixed a bug where non-alliance leaders could set the allaince join rules
+ Fixed a bug where some alliances could not be joined
+ Cosmetic adjustments to the alliance info window
+ Added sum fleet power (and sort by sum fleet power) on alliance info window
+ You can no longer visit yourself from the alliance info window
+ Added ability to view fleet of alliance members
+ Minor tutorial adjustments
+ Increased font size of fleet power on fleets window


This is a special release that will be limited to Kongregate only. It is specifically exciting because it will be the first step towards alliances. In this release you can create, join and manage your alliance. This will let you start to create your alliance now. There is much more to come for alliances in upcoming releases.

Because we are still testing, this release will be limited to Kongregate only. We hope to have a Facebook and Android release soon (this week). We know those playing on iOS are stuck on Version 2.8. We want to get iOS up to speed ASAP, but because of the way the Apple approval process works, it is very difficult to have rapid-release cycles on iOS. We are planning to submit a version to Apple once we have alliances completed and tested.

Whats New

  • Alliance Preview 1 is up! You can now create, join and manage alliances. You cannot use any of the deep alliance features (yet). You must have a fleet power of at least 15k to join or create an alliance. The create cost is 250 Credits to prevent too many alliances from being created and spreading players too thin.
  • Added Alliance Gifts, now when you buy some packages from the sale window, your entire alliance (including yourself) also gets a special perk.
  • Added a preview indicator on the alliance button.
  • Fixed a bug where the open chest button still said "SKIP" even if the chest was ready to be opened.
  • Disabled the "OPEN" button the chests tab of the social window if you have no chests of that type.
  • Added a note on the chests tab of the social window telling the player to collect their free chest every 30 minutes.
  • Fixed the ship upgrade window bug where if you open the window on a ship with the max active upgrade, the upgrade button doesn't show up for any ship when you go to the next page.
  • Fixed a bug in the social window that causes the red indicator dots to not always update.
  • Minor tutorial adjustments.


+ Referral Codes are here! When you tell your friends about Redshift, you will both get great rewards. Find your code on the "Social" window.

+ Added "Chests" to the game, they come in 5 rarities and are filled with stuff

+ You can get 1 free chest every 30 minutes from the "Social" window. Your free chest can be ANY rarity.

+ You can open chests from the "Social" window.

+ Fixed a bug where base power wasn't updating when using Nanobots to upgrade a module


We are working away at alliances, but it is a BIG feature that will take us some time to get perfect. We are very excited about the design of the alliances. But in the mean time we're proud to present the ARENA BETA. We are working on the arena and alliances in tandem.

This release is Kongreate only.

What you need to know about the arena:

  1. Battles are realtime against other humans
  1. The system does its best to match you up with someone at your level, it will get better as the number of players grows.
  1. Ships do not go in to repair in the arena.
  1. The arena is in beta, so a lot can change.
  1. You win 1 Valor Badge for a win, and lose 1 badge for a loss, but your badges cannot go below 0.
  1. You get 1 free pack every 60 wins (60 for now)
  1. We might turn off the arena a few times as we work to get it all done right.


  • Added a daily mission to win an arena battle
  • Added a repeating mission to win 60 arena battles
  • We fixed a bug that let people over-farm sectors for matter


WE'VE GONE SOCIAL! Follow us on all the major social networks, to stay up to date with news, tips, updates and more!

Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to our YouTube: You probably have Google+ too:

We've now confirmed we are shifting focus to alliances, and we've got a lot of the design work done. We just needed to roll out a few more things before we set focus on alliances, it will likely be at least 2-3 weeks before our first alliance build.

Version 2.8A never went out to Google Play or App Store, but this one will for sure.

Kongregate and Facebook - Live now (clear cache) Google Play - Will be available in the next 6-8 hours. iOS - Getting submitted today, and will be available in 7-10 days.

Changes in 2.8B --------------- + All changes in 2.8A (for mobile users who didn't already get them) + Important fix that caused the immortal core pack to drop common XP cards on rare-chance. + Fixed a bug that caused people who had 360 stars to appear as if they only had 357 on the leader board. + Fixed a typo where you "Defeted" pirates, not "Defeated" them. + System messages can now carry external links. + Add codes in the settings menu (we might have promotions, etc. in the future that allow you to have codes) + Added 4 missions to follow us on the social networks (See in the missions tab) + Synchronized all the versions to allow for playing the same account from multiple places.


Originally we were going to release major changes to the base raid. But there was a change of course and we're condisering up prioritizing alliances, as it will add more to the game and take the same amount of time to build. While we establish the best course of action, we decided to release 2.8, which has a few things that can go our, regardless of what we do next.

Kongregate & Facebook: Live Now (clear cache and reload) Android: Live this afternoon iOS: This release IS being submitted to the App Store tomorrow and should be review and live in 10 days.

Changes: Edit

  • Added 10 IMPOSSIBLE sectors, don't even bother trying them... they're too hard.
  • Nanobots unlock on sector 11 even with just 1 star.
  • In the Fleet selection window, destroyed ships are displayed first.
  • Updated the volume of the sounds so they are more normalized with other games.
  • Planetary Raid targets change each time you start an extraction.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to freeze on planetary extractions from time-to-time.
  • Fixed bugs that caused issues for people playing on different versions on their phones and Facebook.
  • If your iOS version is out of date, the link will take you to the App Store.

Will keep you all posted on our plans for what's next.

V2.71 RELEASE NOTES 29OCT2014 Edit

Versions 2.7X in general are meant to improve base raids, making it easier to defend your base, and increases the relative strength of bases versus fleets. V2.71 was specifically going to make the first change related to this, and als make a major change to item packs. We found that the changes related to base improvements scheduled for V2.71 were not possible to put in, because they would need to go out at the same time as other base changes that were scheduled for V2.72. As a result, V2.71 is being released with a focus on improving item packs. The improvement is designed to simplify item packs, and make it possible for all players to be able to access item packs. 

If you are on Kongregate or Facebook - This update is available now (Clear your cache and reload if it does not say V2.71A in the settings window). If you are on Android - This update will either be available this evening, or tomorrow morning. If you are on iOS - We are glad to say we are approved and live on iOS for V2.6C. This version will be sumitted to Apple for approval tomorrow and will take 7-10 days for approval.


+ Ships prioritize towers and the command center before extractors and other modules.

+ IF a window is open, a mouse-wheel scroll won't effect zoom.

+ After a base raid, you will now get 1 hour of protection, not 20 minutes (we are adding more ways to get nanobots in 2.72 to offset the loss).

+ Nanobots unlock after sector 11, not 19 + Fixed a bug for payments with iTunes

+ Some places were still using the old auto-burn selection (for example, claiming a mission).

+ For target selection, targets will not become easier unless you lose at least 1 ship in the battle. The rate at which targets become stronger has also been reduced.

+ When you get a legendary or immortal XP Card or Captain Badge, you will not get the fancy starburst animation.

+ When cancelling a module upgrade, the warning lets you know you do not get your carbon back.

+ Backend changes to the shop.

+ Removed the "Free Item" mechanic. The drop rate was the same here, as anywere, so you can offset this loss by performing attacks anywhere, if you want quick items, try attack an old sector.

+ Fixed a bug that prevented the user from re-rolling captains, unless they already had the credits.

+ Fixed a bug that allowed users to upgrade their interceptors passed the maximum level.


+ All pack types have been replaced with just 1 type of pack. + The pack can be bought for 200 credits or 2000 immortalis

+ You can buy multiple packs for a discount.

+ Immortalis can be earned for free through fleet raids and missions.

+ All packs a guaranteed at least an epic item + Each pack contains anywhere from 1 to 300 immortal core

+ Special immortal core packs can be opened for 100 immortal core.

+ The immortal core pack is guaranteed an immortal item that is not an XP card.


+ New Mission: Level up any weaponry for 50 immortalis

+ New Mission: Win 100 3-star base raids for 200 immortalis

+ Changed Reward: View a leader on the leaderboard was 125 prime matter, is now 50 immortalis

+ Changed Reward: Upgrade a tower with nanobots was 1 green XP card, is now 50 immortalis

+ Changed Reaward: Earny fifty 3-star base raid victors was 400 cold matter, is now 100 immortalis

+ Changed Reward: Level up any interceptor was 5 credits, is now 50 immortalis

+ New missions may not appear until the end of the day.

2.6D RELEASE NOTES - 24OCT2014 Edit

This version wasn't supposed to happen, but ended up happening and taking much longer than anticipated due to some issues with a 3rd party supplier (we were hoping to get it out on Tuesday). This patch fixes some backend issues and offers some front-end fixes and enhancements too.

If you are on Kongregate and Facebook - This is available immediately (clear cache and reload, check your settings window for V2.6D) If you are on Android - This will be rolled out tomorrow (Oct. 25th) morning, you will need to update from the Play store.

If you are on iOS - We are still waiting for approval on V2.6C

Changes and fixes Edit

+ Clones do not put their hosts in to repair if destroyed (Mirage ability).

+ Fixed a bug where you sometimes might not get any resources for winning a fleet raid.

+ Fxied a bug where you sometimes get a very easy (or difficult) target.

+ Disabled the surrender button in Sector 1 + Disabled the leave button in Sector 1.

+ Re-added the "Upgrade Crew Member" to go up to the crew max level (instead of the ability max level).

+ Upgrade item window sorts by rarity first, so no more accidental burns.

+ Fixed a bug where it asked to upgrade your captain ability to level 2, but bugged out if you did it for another crew member (effects just 1 mission).

+ Several backend fixes.

Thanks to everyone for playing, and a very special thanks to those who have made purchases and taken the time to give us a 5 star rating.


Apparently the fix for cannons earlier today related to Nominums' bug wasn't completely correct. This fix does a few things:

1) Correctly patches Nominums' Bug 2) Fixed an issue where ships that were supposed to be detroyed were immediately ready, or did not get destroyed but were marked as destroyed 3) Major improvements to the repair fleet window that fixes a few edge-case scenarios.


First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for the patiences while we work on getting balance right, everyone has been super helpful in providing feedback and help.

We wanted to go from 2.6 to 2.7 (which will be a major feature add), but we got stopped by an urgent bug that needed fixing spotted by Nominus (nice find, details here: As a result of this bug find, 2.6 only went out to Kongregate. This release, 2.6B is going out to all platforms today.


+ Fixed the critical bug pointed out by Nominus

+ Changed target selection for host ships, new algorithm below.

+ Made a fix in the sector window that will prevent that brief delay when opening the window.

+ Reverted leaderboard from sum of all fleets to best fleet (you can still see sum of all fleets on the Kongregate leaderboard)

+ When you open the "Fleet" window, it will open to your default (last used) fleet.

+ When in a sector battle, the name will be "Sector <NUMBER>" instead of "New Captain"

+ Updated all bases that still had the old value submitted on the leaderboard + Removed iBeacon code from iOS

+ Opponent Targeting Reset (you will see some very basic opponents until your rating normalizes in 5-20 battles)

+ Updated opponent targeting system to improve target selection.

+ Added a version postfix on the settings screen (So you can see if it is V2.6 or V2.6B)


The gist of it was that cannons were not giving the right bonus. In a nut-shell, ships with a rate of for faster than 1 second per shot were being under adjusted, and ships with a rate of fire above 1 shot a second were being over adjusted. Although this will effect fleet damage, the net impact is neutralied because of:

1) Ships where over and under boosted, and the effect is cancelling.

2) It effected both attacker and defender, and the effect is cancelling.


Target selection was upgraded so ships choose targets with a little more thought. Ships with a higher rate of fire (more than 1 shot every 1.5 seconds) will target smaller ships, such as interceptors and escorts. Ships with a lower rate of fire will target bigger game, such as host ships. This will happen for attacker and defender.


I know a lot of people have very specific ideas for what target should be chosen for autoburn. The system now works for some, and not for all, but the point is that it deos make a good choice (although not what everyone considers the "best"). It also prevents you for having to leave the battle screen, go back to base and burn there; this is a huge time savings in any case, AND burned XP can be reburned with 100% efficiency, so even if it doesn't chose your idea candidate, you can always push forward that XP later. For high-level players, consider putting a level 1 common escort on a ship, it will get targeted, and then re-burn that common to something else (just an idea). Anyways, long story short, since it goes get a good target, and it saves a huge amount of time, we need to prioritze other things for now, so this will be as is until at least V4 (post alliances).

Thanks to everyone for playing, and a very special thanks for those who have made puchases and supported us.

VERSION 2.6 RELEASE NOTES (Features + Balancing) 15OCT2014 Edit

This release is just fixing several loose ends before we move in to a significant feature addition for improving the situation with bases being un-defendable (which will be in version 2.7).

On Kongregate this will go up today at approx 7:00 PM ET On Facebook this will go up today at approx 8:00 PM ET On Android this will either go up tomorrow morning, or bundled with 2.7 once we get a time estimate on it. We will keep you posted. On iOS, 7-11 days till launch.


+ When a critical hit lands, you can see "1-up" text of it, like on dodges.

+ Display opponent name and base/fleet power in battle.

+ $5 incredible value package on sector 31. ** This will work just like the tactical point offer, it is only offered once and lasts 30 minutes, you must clear any sector 31 or higher to trigger it ** This is the 2nd of 3 incredible deals we plan on putting in. **

+ After an upgrade of ship or crew member, if there is nothing left to upgrade it with the window will close automatically.

+ Fixed bug where the screen would sometimes just say "Hello World" forever

+ Auto burn selection re-write: Selects the ship that will give the most fleet power per XP, while giving the current fleet priority. More than half your inventory is badges, it will select a crew member instead.

+ Fixed the issue with the background moving out of place over time.

+ Planet Raids draw targets from the Fleet Raid ELO pool (not their own, impossible ELO pool).

+ Fixed bug where you can't reroll captain usless you already have credits + Page left/right buttons on crew pages

+ Added the ship max level on the ship modification window + Store scroll potion on ship modal, so if you upgrade weaponry, escorts or interceptors it will not scroll back to the top.

+ Scroll position on weaponry modal also stored.

+ High scores used combined fleet power.

+ Save zoom level for base, fleet/planet and base raid


+ System Overhaul for Immortal Captain Passive (increases fleet speed) changed to Escort Replication that spawns a clone of every escort with 1+0.01% health. This might be OP and may be removed if it is.

+ Strong EMP for Immortal Captains from: 4.5+0.1 to 3+0.05 seconds

+ EMP for Legendary Captains: from 3+0.5 to 2.5+0.04 seconds

+ Firmware Override for Immortal Captains: Was Mind Control strongest enemy for 4+0.15 to Mind Control ALL enemy interceptors for 0.3+0.02 seconds

+ God Mode duration for Immortal Captains from: 5+0.05 to 3+0.6 seconds

+ Thunderstrike for Immortal Captains did 20+4 damage to entire enemy fleet, now does 40+6 damage to all enemy interceptors.

+ Super crits for Immortal Captains only affected 1 ship and all it's interceptors and escorts, it now affects the entire fleet.

+ Weapons Tranining for Immortal Captain Passive (increases fleet range) changed to Avoidance the increase fleet dodge chance to 5+0.15%

+ Immune on ranger (common passive for invulnerability) changed duration from: 1.5/0.25 to 1.5/0.01 seconds

+ Immortal Passive for Cygnus changed from Life Steal (3/0.15%) to Life Source (gives host, escorts and inters 50+8 plating)

+ Plating Aura (Immortal Nemesis Active) that restores plating From: 82.5+12.5 to 80+10

+ Titan: Resurrection Active changed to Statis, stuns all enemy interceptors for 0.5+0.01 seconds.

+ Titan Passive: Increase fleet crit chance by 5+0.15% changed to Critical Damage, fleet wide interceptors get 4+0.2 DPS

+ Titan given 5th weaponary slot. (Might be OP, on trial, but if you add the 5th weapon now, you will get to keep it should be drop it back to 4 slots).