Rarity Epic
Plating 300 (+30/Level, max 2400)
Dps N/A (+0.8/Level, max 64)
Speed 45 (+0.25/Level, max 62.5)
Rate of Fire 0.33 shots/second
Active Missile Strike on all Enemies for 2 damage (+0.6/Level, Max 38)
Passive Host Ship DPS increased by 2.2 (+0.25/Level, Max 19.7)

The Mayflower is one of two epic ships and specializes in soaking damage with its high plating. Both its base plating and plating scaling are second only to the immortal Cygnus, making it a very powerful tank. It also has an active which is useful very early on in the game for clearing out interceptors, but falls off hard as interceptors increase in durability. The Mayflower transitions well into an escort role later in the game, as its DPS-boosting escort passive is generally favored over the plating bonus of the other epic ship, the Moonraker.

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