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Legendary crew can carry up to 7 ships. They have the potential to have 5, 6, or 7 crew members. legendary crew have a max level of 80.

Legendary crew portraits:


Legendary crew can have:

Passive abilities: Edit

Ability name Description Base Value per lvl Total
Escort shielding Escort’s plating increased by xx 10% 0.6% 58%
Navigation system upgrade Fleet movement speed increased by xx 20 0.4 52
Explosives Fleet DPS increased by xx 5% 0.1% 13%
Targetting Fleet weapon range increased by xx 30 0.5 70
Supercharged shots Critical hit damage increased by xx 25% 0.5% 65%
Battalion barricade Fleet takes xx less damage from escorts 5% 0.1% 13%

Active abilities: Edit

Ability name Description Base Values pel lvl Total
System hack All enemy host ships will fight for you for xx s 4 0.05 8
EMP Enemy ships are disabled for xx s 2 0.02 3.6
Time machine Restore 10 friendly escorts with xx plating 30% 1.15% 122%
Quick reloading Interceptors attack speed increases by xx for 10s 10% 0.25% 30%
Guardian shield Fleet takes xx less damage for xx s 10%//4s 0.5%//0.08s 50%//7.2s