Interceptors are small fighter craft that are attached to your host ships and generally try to take fire for larger ships. Interceptors are by far the most numerous members of a fleet, as each interceptor group currently consists of 3 separate units (though the number of interceptor units in a group may vary in the future). Interceptors may be weak and only serve as minor meatshields early, but they become the most powerful component of a fleet later on. Fleet-wide bonuses, from crew or Titan escorts, are much more effective on interceptors, as the bonus applies in full on each individual interceptor.

Like ships, interceptors are divided into common, rare, epic, legendary, and immortal variants. An interceptor's level cap is determined by its rarity, and is the same as the level cap of a ship of the same rarity (50/60/70/80/100, from least rare to most). Generally, interceptors of higher rarity have higher scaling on level-ups and become stronger at high levels. However, this difference is largely insignificant compared to the differences between crew and ships of different rarities, because the majority of an interceptor's stats will come from bonuses from outside sources. Therefore, the most significant characteristic of an interceptor is its range, which determines the role that it fills.

Though most interceptors have medium range, there are a few special archetypes that higher rarity interceptors can be classified as. The Stealth and the Starfall are considered tanks, having very high plating and sufficiently low range to stay in front of their hosts. On the other end of the spectrum, the Sniper and Valkyrie have extremely long range, which makes them a safe source of damage if they are given enough damage bonuses.

Upgrading Interceptors Edit

Interceptors may be upgraded with omega matter. The costs for each level up can be approximated using the formula:

Cost= 0.75*level^2 +30

Where level is the level that the interceptor is upgrading to, not its current level. The total cost to reach a certain level can be approximated as:

Total cost= 0.25*level^3 + 0.375*level^2 + 30*level - 30.75

Roughly 256,731 omega matter is required to reach level 100. For a full list of omega matter costs, see: omega matter.

List of Interceptors Edit

Common Interceptors

Rare Interceptors

Epic Interceptors

Legendary Interceptors

Immortal Interceptors