Crew members are a vital part of a fleet, since they give powerful fleet-wide bonuses that are vital in creating a strong fleet. The passive bonus of all crew members will apply to the fleet they are assigned to, and all passive bonuses stack additively (dodge and critical hit chances cap at 45%). In addition, each crew have an active ability that can be used once per battle/rift and one Captain, who is the one that decides the maximum number of crew and ships that the fleet can contain.

Crew members are recruited and upgraded using crew badges and XP cards. However, note that common crew badges can only be used for experience. Like ships, crew come in rare, epic, legendary, and immortal varieties, which determine the portraits and the strengths and types of passives and actives available to the crew member. Upon recruitment, the passive and active abilities of the crew member (as well as the maximum number of crew) are randomly drawn from the pool of possible abilities. However, it is possible to "re-roll" the abilities of the crew at the cost of 100 credits (each further reroll cost 25 credits more than the previous one).

Crew levels cap at 60/70/80/100 for rare/epic/legendary/immortal crew respectively. It is important to note that although active abilities have the same lvl cap as the crew, they are leveled up only by investing cold matter.

Through the course of the Tutorial, you are awarded a named rare crew, Captain Briggs. He has level cap and max crew/ships of a rare crew, but active ability and passive ability of a legendary crew.

To see a list of all passive and active abilities of each crew follow the links below: